The idea behind this blog is to share my experiences with my spiritual journey… and pole dancing. One wouldn’t necessarily put those two things together, which is why it’s so completely awesome that some one did. The program is called Yoga Flirt, created by a woman named Cathy Weiss.

Almost a decade into my own personal spiritual search, I decided (against my better judgement) to try “this crazy pole dancing thing.” What ended up happening? I tried it with a semi-open mind, and it blew my doors off their hinges.

My passion for the program of Yoga Flirt is such that I want to share my personal journey, in the hopes that women that aren’t able to attend classes in locally will someday have the chance to do so. I want this program to be available to women worldwide, and am willing to do my part to help it gain exposure.

About the method I’m using to “advertise” some one else’s business: I am willing to share my personal journey because I believe 100% that the only way to really help another human is to be honest about what’s really going on, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I hope to have an open dialog with readers, ask and answer questions, and most of all have fun. Let’s get this party started.