Before I get into the telling of my story, I want to share a tidbit about the woman who teaches me a lot about yoga principles and how to live by them. She’s a dear friend, as well as the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. It’s hard to start a description of her without first saying that she’s tiny. She’s not even 5 feet tall – well not until she puts on her heels!- but the (capital U) Universe managed to pack a lot of great stuff into a small package. She’s quick to laugh, and she allows people to be who they are. I find those to be two of my favorite qualities in a human!

Her experience with life, and the way she thought about her body, is something that a LOT of women I know can relate to. What happened to her to change all of her programmed negativity is a little silly on the surface. Check out this link to read Cathy’s experience and the birth of Yoga Flirt. I believe in a higher power and I believe that Yoga Flirt was divinely inspired to teach women that loving themselves is the key to being the best human that they can be, and that that is enough.

You are already enough.