I posted a poll a few days back and finally figured out how to view the results. Yay for me! The poll said “I love Yoga Flirt because:” and the answers I put in were: “it gave me permission to give myself a break,” “it gives me a reason to expand my shoe collection,” “it transformed my body,” “I have so many new girlfriends!,” “my relationship has benefitted from my YF practice,” “I can’t choose, all of the above!,” and I left a write in blank. 60% answered “all of the above” but I couldn’t find the results for the gals who did the write in part until just now. I love their answers and want to share them with you:

It SAVED my life.
It caused me to step outside my comfort zone. And like it!
I can feel happy with my body even if it isn’t perfect.
fabulous and fun workout!

*sigh* I love you ladies…